don pitcairn

We are celebrating our 22nd year in business with company president Don Pitcairn working in the grounds maintenance and landscaping industry for more than three decades including time spent on golf courses, parks boards, school boards and commercial locations. Known for his hands on business approach, Mr. Pitcairn personally runs his crew ensuring that all workers are fully supervised and that the quality of the work being performed is done to his high standards.

Our commitment to environmental sustainability and the public’s interest in non-toxic gardening methods have allowed us to create a landscape maintenance program with Mother Earth in mind. Gone are the days of using poisonous Roundup or Killex to eliminate weeds. We use new eco-friendly products such as Fiesta and EcoClear that utilize non-toxic ingredients including chelated iron and vinegar to suppress growth. Depleting lawns of nutrients by constantly bagging is being replaced by modern recycling mowers which mulch clippings into fine particles before returning them to the ground as organic topdressing, reducing the need for chemical fertilizers that can wash into storm sewers and streams or leach into aquifers.